Get ready to watch God work as you lead these 32 Dynamic Sessions.


Dear Bible Teacher,

What if I told you that within the next five

minutes you could have your hands on a resource that is sure to help your church grow in spiritual maturity, build their Biblical knowledge, and encourage them to become more and more like our Lord Jesus Christ?


Well, that resource is the Gospel of John Seminar. I have personally been working on this study for a very long time, and am extremely excited to be able to present it to you, and hopefully you, in turn,  will soon be presenting it to your church congregation or Bible Study Group.


The Gospel of John Seminar is a resource that covers 32 Important Topics in John's Gospel with the sole intention of getting God's Word into your students mind and heart. With this teaching material, you will have everything you need to begin teaching today!


Dr. Barry Davis has done it again! This time with another thoroughly biblical, practical and dynamic study on the Gospel of John. This study offered in any context; small group, evening bible study or as a resource for sermon preparation will prove to be a valuable asset to your teaching ministry. This study is arranged in a user-friendly format and is provided with a visually appealing Power Point presentation. With all of the time constraints on today's pastor this study resource with its supplemental PPT is also a great time saver. Notwithstanding, the greatest thing about this study is that you can always trust that Dr. Barry Davis is doctrinally sound in his observation of the Biblical text. You can trust that any product penned by him is a trustworthy, biblically sound study from a seasoned pastor and scholar. This is no small thing in our day of doctrinal disintegration.


Kenny Rhodes, Ph.D.

President, Scofield Graduate School &Seminary

Modesto, CA


Barry has produced a masterpiece in the Study of the Gospel of John. Any Bible teacher can take this material and teach it with confidence that the Holy Spirit will bring alive the Gospel of John to his or her students. This study has been produced for all ages. It is simple in it's understanding but scholarly in its truths. Doctrinally it brings forth Jesus as the Son of God who can take the religious people like Nicodemus, and the adulterous like the Samarian woman and bring them together by faith in the Son of God that takes away the sins of the world. I am honored to say Preacher, Teacher use this material and watch God bring alive the Son of God in His Glory to your people.




Mark Payton, Lead Pastor

St. Paul Baptist Church @ Shively Heights

Louisville, KY



 32 In-Depth Studies on the Gospel of John

 A 127-Page Teacher's Guide in Word & PDF Formats

 A 38-Page REPRODUCIBLE Student Guide in Word & PDF Formats (make as many copies as you want!)

  Over 380 Accompanying PowerPoint Slides.

(All the Above is Completely Downloadable & Editable!)


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Would you like to see the Course Topics?:


Lesson One: Our Introduction into Sonship

Lesson Two: We Need More than a Teacher

Lesson Three: Life in Looking to Jesus

Lesson Four: The Filling Up of Joy

Lesson Five: The Fullness of the Sent One

Lesson Six: The Living Water God's Free Gift

Lesson Seven: Bible Testimony to Jesus—and Man's Refusal of it

Lesson Eight: Night with Jesus

Lesson Nine: The Bread of Immortality

Lesson Ten: Christ's Flesh—the World's Life

Lesson Eleven: Come and Drink

Lesson Twelve: Jesus Our Light

Lesson Thirteen: Truth and Liberty

Lesson Fourteen: The Father Glorifying the Son

Lesson Fifteen: The Honor Given To Faith

Lesson Sixteen: Inquiring After Jesus

Lesson Seventeen: The Great Attraction

Lesson Eighteen: Light and its Little While

Lesson Nineteen: Light for the World's Darkness

Lesson Twenty: The Judging Word

Lesson Twenty-One: The Revelation of the Father

Lesson Twenty-Two: The Abiding Comforter

Lesson Twenty-Three: The Mighty Comforter

Lesson Twenty-Four: The Divine Legacy of Peace

Lesson Twenty-Five: Christ in Heaven—the Church on Earth

Lesson Twenty-Six: Tribulation, Peace, and Victory

Lesson Twenty-Seven: The Declaration of the Father's Name

Lesson Twenty-Eight: Ritualism and the Cross

Lesson Twenty-Nine: The Greater Sin

Lesson Thirty: The View at Calvary

Lesson Thirty-One: Christ's Work in Heaven—and Ours on Earth

Lesson Thirty-Two: The Tender Love of the Risen Christ



Teacher's Guide | Student's Guide | PowerPoint


Note: After payment is made you will see a box that says "IMPORTANT: Click

Here to Download Your Product" Make sure and click for instant download.


As you can see, this is a package that will benefit any church, small group, Sunday School class, or other setting where people are serious about learning from the Word of God. All you need to do is teach!


We have done everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible, but as you can see, we have spared no time or expense in the production of this God-honoring resource.


Still, we want to put this in the hands of as many people as possible, so we have kept the cost at only $37.00! You would expect to pay three times that amount from a major Christian publisher (if they even offered it).


In Christ,












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